Purolite Ion Exchange Resin

ShedWater LLC has the background and experience to help with your selection of Purolite ion exchange resins.  Today businesses are looking for a return on investment (ROI), the payback period and the costs of treated water.

We view any major purchase of ion exchange resin as an opportunity to review operations.

  • Re-examine current operating procedures and insure proper operation of equipment
  • Review new developments in ion exchange
  • Improve efficiency
  • Insure alignment with sustainability goals
  • Lower costs

    “Low bid” is not necessarily “low overall cost”.

    Ion Exchange Resin - Purolite

    Ion Exchange Resin – Purolite

In conjunction with Purolite®, ShedWater offers PuroPASS™, a Performance Analysis Survey System.  PuroPASS™ is a comprehensive, on-site evaluation of your ion exchange systems.  ShedWater & Purolite experts will work with your team to gather information, observe operations, review log data, and discuss your system history and challenges.  When complete, you will receive a detailed assessment and recommendation to optimize performance and help you meet your water treatment targets.