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Advanced Softening Media for Problem WaterEcomix Calculator

ECOMIX® is a proprietary composite media consisting of 5 materials with different properties.

  • Ecomix beadsSoftens
  • Reduces ferrous iron & manganese, tannins*  (TOC) and ammonia
  • Simple softener like operation
  • Solves multiple common water treatment problems in one tank
  • Highly efficient operation
  • Small footprint – only one media tank and one brine tank
  • WQA Gold Seal Certification

*Additional treatment may be required.  Tannin removal may be difficult to achieve where the residence has a shallow well and is close to surface water – lakes, ponds, swamps, etc.

Nautiwater ® Systems

NAUTIWATER is the premier supplier of quality water conditioning systems and components for boats, RV’s, autos and motorcycles. nautiwater-systems

  • NAUTIWATER supplies economical non-electric water conditioners to prevent rust stains & hard water spots when washing your vessels & vehicles.
  • Don’t trust drinking the water at the marina, on your boat or at the RV park? Check out NAUTIWATER ‘S Ultrafilter System.  This system achieves a 6-Log 99.9999% reduction of cysts, viruses & bacteria!
  • For those who don’t want spots on their prized possessions, use one of NAUTIWATER’S Spot Free Rinse Systems.  No more towel or chamois drying; even in the hot sun!
  • Have an oceangoing large boat or yacht and need to produce fresh water at seaNAUTIWATER  furnishes, installs and services AXEON Seawater RO Systems with capacities from 600 – 2200 gallons/day of quality water.

Coaching & Consultation

Exclusively for the Water Treatment Market 


Working exclusively with water treatment companies.

ShedWater LLC works with motivated owners and leaders of large and small water treatment businesses to develop and implement custom business plans and practices that result in increased revenue, profit and value.

  • Coaching

    • Professional Coaching enables owners to improve the bottom line, grow future business value and gain independence from the drudgery of day to day operations.
  • Business Guidance 

    • Business Expertise in Commercial/Industrial DI (deionized) bottle exchange (SDI) business.
      • Improve, grow and compete as a commercial industrial water treatment company
    • Guidance to interested individuals or companies outside of the water business seeking to better understand the US water treatment marketplace.
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