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Business to Business sales of:

  • Ecomix®
  • RObust RO by Ecosoft
  • Nautiwater Systems


Advanced Softening Media for Problem WaterEcomix Calculator

ECOMIX® is a proprietary composite media consisting of 5 materials with different properties.

  • Ecomix beadsSoftens
  • Reduces ferrous iron & manganese, tannins*  (TOC) and ammonia
  • Simple softener like operation
  • Solves multiple common water treatment problems in one tank
  • Highly efficient operation
  • Small footprint – only one media tank and one brine tank
  • WQA Gold Seal Certification

*Additional treatment may be required.  Tannin removal may be difficult to achieve where the residence has a shallow well and is close to surface water – lakes, ponds, swamps, etc.

Nautiwater ® Systems

NAUTIWATER is the premier supplier of quality water conditioning systems and components for boats, RV’s, autos and motorcycles. nautiwater-systems

  • NAUTIWATER supplies economical non-electric water conditioners to prevent rust stains & hard water spots when washing your vessels & vehicles.
  • Don’t trust drinking the water at the marina, on your boat or at the RV park? Check out NAUTIWATER ‘S Ultrafilter System.  This system achieves a 6-Log 99.9999% reduction of cysts, viruses & bacteria!
  • For those who don’t want spots on their prized possessions, use one of NAUTIWATER’S Spot Free Rinse Systems.  No more towel or chamois drying; even in the hot sun!
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