MWC-Ultra 4 Drinking Water Ultra-Filter

NAUTIWATER MWC-ULTRA4 Uses UltrafiltrationTechnology  

This first of its kind ultra-filter (a type of membrane) produces micro-biologically safe drinking water.  If you don’t trust the water, want to protect your family or just want Peace of Mind; this system is THE CHOICE for providing you with safe, bacteria and virus free water.



The MWC-ULTRA4 achieves a 6-Log (99.9999%) reduction of these pathogens and contaminants:

E. Coli  •   Cryptosporidium  •   Giardia   •    Hepatitis    

Tannins*  •  Suspended Matter  •  Ferric Iron (rusty water)

System Advantages:

  • Produces Potable Micro-Biologically Safe Drinking Water

  • High flow rate (4.5 gpm)

  • Compact Size…8” W x 24” H

  • Portable

  • Non-Electric

  • Easy Periodic Backwashing

Multiple Uses

•  Marinas  •  Boats  •  Yachts  •  RV’s/Trailers  •  Vacation Homes  •  Well Water  •

These membrane filters conform to NSF/ANSI 53 & 61. Testing was carried out by an Independent third party laboratory resulting in a 6.0 log reduction in bacteria.  Bio Vir tested to .02 absolute filtration.

*Specific testing should be done to confirm the ability to remove tannins.

Download Log Reduction Chart  for reference.

Download Brochure Nautiwater-MWC-Ultra4