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Spot Free Rinse

Use the Eco-Friendly SFR-450 Spot Free Rinse System to rinse 

        •  Boats  •   Yachts  •   Autos  •   RV’s.  •  Motorcycles  •

Unlike other spot free rinse cartridge systems, our systems are configured with returnable DI cartridges!  There is no need to dispose of the cartridge and/or media once it is exhausted.  We take back the cartridges and exchange with fully reconditioned cartridges, which cost less than new ones.  This makes our system truly Green & Eco-Friendly.  You won’t be disposing perfectly good media into landfills.

The base model SFR-450 Spot Free System includes:

Nautiwater SFR-100

SFR-100 Portable System

  • Dual Cartridges installed in a portable cart
  • Water quality light with rechargeable battery pack
  • Non-corroding garden hose fittings
  • Shipping packaging with pre-paid shipping label for cartridge exchange

System Advantages

  • Cartridges include deionizer type media
  • Return and recycle exchange cartridges
  • True Spot Free Rinse – not softener media
  • Stationary Mount or Portable

Optional items:

  • Multi-function power station/charger…Can charge cell phones, i Pods, i Pads (tablets), cameras, etc.
  • Outlet hoses with non-metallic fittings (recommended, as de-ionized water will affect brass fittings)
  • Wall mount option vs wheeled version (price deduct)

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Nautiwater SFR-100


What is Spot Free Rinse?

Spot Free Rinse is a water treatment method, which when used properly, will prevent dried water spots on a variety of surfaces including

Automobiles…paint, chrome, glass, wheels, plastic

RV’s, MotorHomes, etc…paint, stainless steel, chrome, glass, wheels, plastic

Boats, Yachts…hull, tower, glass, clear enclosures

Motorcycles…all surfaces

Why use Spot Free Rinse?

A Spot Free Rinse eliminates mineral spots so towel or chamois drying of any surface isn’t required.

Safety – On large surfaces, such as a motor home, you no longer need a ladder to reach for and hand dry the windows and higher metal areas.

Saves Time – On yachts and motor homes a significant amount of time can be saved not having to chamois, especially the glass and clear enclosures.

What is the water treatment method used for Nautiwater’s Spot Free Rinse?

Nautiwater cartridges contain two kinds of ion exchange resins, cation and anion, mixed together (mixed bed resin). Ion Exchange Resin Beads

  • The cation resin removes Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium ions and replaces them with hydrogen ions (H+).
  • The anion resin removes minerals such as Chlorides, Sulfates, Nitrates, Alkalinity, Silica and Carbon Dioxide.  It replaces these with hydroxide ions (OH-).
  • When water passes through the resins, de-ionized water is produced.  This water is free of virtually all minerals.
  • HOH, better known as H2O -or water without minerals.

Can I drink de-ionized water?

No.  De-ionized water has no nutritional value.

How does Spot Free Rinse differ from a water softener?

  • A water softener only removes specific mineral type “Cations”-calcium, magnesium, manganese and ferrous iron.  A spot free rinse removes cations and anions.
    • Salt is used to regenerate the softener. A spot free rinse system is not regenerated with salt.
    • The softener resin swaps the undesirable cations for sodium (Na) when regenerated with Sodium Chloride (NaCL) or potassium (K) if potassium chloride (KCl) is used.
  • The primary purpose of the BOATWASH System is to prevent rust stains caused by ferrous iron in untreated marina water.
  • Rinse down with softened water helps avoid but does not prevent spotting when water dries.
  • To avoid spotting you will need to chamois or towel dry all surfaces.

Can I drink water from a BOATWASH System?

Do Not Drink

Do Not Drink

Drinking the water is not recommended.  The water can be used to fill onboard water tanks for fresh water washdown, toilet and showering.   For drinking water on board check out the Nautiwater  MWC-Ultra 4